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Employment Law Attorney in New York, New York

For over 30 years we have advised companies and their principals as well as partners, executives and professionals in various industries on their employment agreements, negotiations and compensation arrangements, succession planning, and severance issues.

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We help our clients to negotiate promotions and to transition into new employment opportunities. We often collaborate with our colleagues in the executive coaching industry to achieve the specifically tailored results that our clients want to achieve. We assist both employee and employer clients by reviewing and negotiating industry-specific non-compete, non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements. Because of the flexibility of our boutique practice we are able to use our experience in both realms to optimize results for all of our clients.

We prosecute and defend employment claims ranging from discrimination matters to issues of termination and severance and termination clients

Our employment law services include:

  • Analysis of Discrimination, Harassment and Wrongful Termination Issues

  • Employment Contracts

  • Non-compete, Non-disclosure, Confidentiality and Non-solicitation Agreements

  • Executive Compensation, Benefits and Bonuses

  • Termination and Severance Agreements

  • Litigation

  • Whistleblowing and Retaliation Issues