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Zoe Stark
Paralegal/Office Manager


Prior to joining Cooper & Associates Zoe spent twenty-five years as the manager of and consultant to small businesses and entrepreneurs across the United States. Her resume is rich in high-end customer service and administration and reflects her creation and conduct of meaningful, thoughtful client relationships. Law is a service profession, and Zoe is a preeminent service professional.

Enhancing her vital contributions to our work and life at Cooper & Associates, in 2019 Zoe added to her rich store of experience by becoming certified as a paralegal through the Paralegal Certificate Court at The Center for Legal Studies at Purchase College of the State University of New York. In addition to her work for Cooper, Zoe also enjoys a passionate connection to the New York City independent music scene. In addition, she was a video producer at, where she produced people-centered films as an expression and component of her commitment to social justice advocacy. This and her passion for the law make her an invaluable member of our team. Says Zoe, “Working as part of a team making meaningful, useful contributions to enhance our clients’ lives on many levels – practical, emotional, whether as service or as advocacy – has always been the focus of my work and is central to its meaning for me. This is what my work has always been about, and it is what I love to do.”

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